My job as a health coach is an exciting one.  I get to educate and empower people to live a better life through diet and lifestyle choices.  Times are changing.  People are waking up to the fact that their doctor does not have all the answers.  They are starting to question and beware of pharmaceuticals to treat symptoms.  When I find any tool that will help my clients stay on the path to health, I am pretty much obligated to share it.  I have always maintained that having a high quality fruit & vegetable green drink should be the corner stone of your supplement stash.  We know the connection between eating more fruits & vegetables and optimal health.  Lifeguard Greens is one tool I offer my clients with great pride and total confidence.  It’s 100% organic, gluten-free and vegan.  I never think “I know it all” however. There is always more to learn about the power of food to hurt or heal…..always. 

Recently, my daughter came over to Maui 8 months pregnant. She looked vibrant, glowing, energized.  She was ranting about the documentary ‘What the Health’ she had watched and was urging me to change to a completely vegan lifestyle.  I really though my diet was pretty clean and healthy.  After all, I only bought organic produce.  My meat, milk and eggs were cruelty free, grass fed, and you know….organic!  She would not let up on me about this film but I was busy, you know?  I didn’t have time to sit down for 1.5 hours to watch something that I really didn’t think was that important.  I knew what vegan meant.  It meant no more of my beloved dairy.  I couldn’t see myself ever giving that up but because I am in the business of health, I put it in the back of my mind that I would watch it….eventually.

I have been dealing with 5 years of chronic pain & inflammatory issues in my right hip. I had one resurfacing that failed, and then a total replacement about a year ago. I was devastated to learn in July that my bone scan showed “activity” around the femoral stem of my implant indicating a possible loosening of the joint.   I was in so much pain constantly, that I went ahead and scheduled a revision surgery for Sept 21 of this year.  I would have had it that week had my daughter not been expecting, because of the amount of pain I was in. I flew over from Maui to Oahu to be there for her birth in agony and armed with all my usual supplements for inflammation as well as Gabapentin for pain,  I was taking 300 mg 3 x a day. 

My time on Oahu was bittersweet because although I was so enjoying the very special time before birth with my daughter, my pain was relentless.  We walked the beach, swam, rode bikes but always the pain was there. One day I simply laid in bed in tears, so depressed and hurting.

During this time, I was with her and her partner and also her father’s family, who are all vegan.  I still had not watched  ‘What the Health’ but it was just more convenient to eat what they did.  I am aways paranoid about vegetarian and vegan diets because like many other people, I was convinced I could not get all of the nutrients I needed without meat and dairy.  Also I struggle with maintaining enough weight on my tiny frame so I was sure that all of the whole milk dairy, butter and eggs I was eating were helping to keep the pounds on.  Most of my clients have the opposite problem and although I would never advise them to consume a lot of these foods, here I was doing it! I was sure that if I adopted a vegan diet, as an avid athlete I would wither away to nothing.

Here’s a peak at the section dealing with athletes turned vegan!

Three things happened on that 11 day trip to Oahu.  

  1. My daughter had a beautiful, healthy baby girl through all natural child birth.
  2. My pain completely disappeared.
  3. I gained 5 lbs of muscle

I was overjoyed and started searching my mind for what could have possibly brought on this miraculous change!  Did I take any new supplements?  Was it that amazing massage I had? Or could it possibly be my DIET?  NOW I was ready to watch ‘What the Health’.

I sat down with my partner, who is from Wisconsin, the cheese capital of the US, and we watched.  We watched and grew more and more angry at what we learned.  How could this be going on in our country where we are so educated and have such high standards for cleanliness and health? How could the very organizations we look to for guidance and health be taking huge sums of money from companies that produce foods that are killing millions of Americans?  

Even our own government agencies like the FDA, pays fast food companies millions of dollars to advertise their products, simply because they contain meat and cheese through what are known as check off programs.  Processed meats are a class 1 carcinogen, known to cause cancer, yet they are being recommended and pushed on us in a huge way.  Dairy raises a women with breast cancer’s chances of dying by 49%, yet Yoplait is one of the largest sponsors of the Susan G. Komen pink ribbon campaign! The collusion and corruption is so widespread between the meat, poultry, pork and dairy industries, the pharmaceutical industries, and our very own government and no one is talking about this.  We are being lied to and poisoned by these agencies that are supposed to educate and protect us….but we are more concerned with Hillary’s emails?  Have you ever noticed that when politicians are discussing health care in the US no one ever mentions where the health crisis is coming from?  No one is talking about the FOOD!

Diabetes, heart disease, and cancer are ALL directly linked to diet and lifestyle yet, these organizations are pushing class one carcinogens on their ‘how to eat healthy’ section of their websites! There is so much more fascinating information crammed into this hour and a half movie that I had to watch it 4 more times and take notes.  

Here is the official movie trailer : 

I now understand why my daughter was so adamant about us watching ‘What the Health’.  Once you learn the truth, you want to share it with anyone and everyone you care about or even people you barely know.  The more we can share and change the way people are eating, the better chance we have of overcoming the sickness epidemic in our country.  The less we support the meat and dairy industries, the fast food industries and the pharmaceutical companies, the less power they will have to dictate our government policy that does more harm to the American public than any terrorist organization ever has.  These are strong words, I know.  Just watch, learn, listen and change.

‘What the Health’ should be made available to every single person via national television just like the commercials that urge us to eat foods that are killing us or to take drugs with a massive list of side-effects.  Please watch it on either Netflix or Amazon via streaming or order the DVD on Amazon. I have found the full movie using a Youtube search also. Make sure you are watching the full 1.5 hour film and not a clip or an overview of the movie. 

Here’s to your health!  

Aloha, Alyssa Joy . – Health Coach, Creator of Lifeguard Greens, Vegan