A wellness consultant is a person on your “life support” team who is there to guide you, encourage you, educate you and consult with you on how best to achieving your overall wellness goals.

“It’s amazing to see how my patients’ efficiency sky-rockets when they work with a wellness coordinator”

Dr. Alejandro Junger, M.D

In addition to helping you plan your initial lifestyle change, a wellness consultant is someone who will meet with you periodically, review your goals, analyze where you might have failed in meeting them and explore why. This person will help you reinforce your plan for success.

Alyssa is trained and certified in the Circle of Life program. She also draws from her 20+ years of personal experience overcoming multiple health challenges with the help of many of Maui’s top alternative health care providers. “It is my greatest JOY to assist my clients in their quest for a more healthful, vibrant and balanced life.”

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