When I was a kid, our parents gave us Tang Instant Breakfast Drink.  After all, astronauts took it so it must be pretty great stuff right?  Wrong!  Tang sums up everything that was wrong with the 70’s chemical-laden, convenience-driven clever marketing food movement that we somehow survived.

Tang was full or sugar, including 5 artificial sweeteners. The orange color that was supposed to convince us of it’s close resemblance to real orange juice, came from yellow #5 and #6 also called Tartrazine.  This artificial color has been linked to breathing problems and hyperactivity.  Tang was not fruit juice nor did it contain any real fruit despite the imagery on the label.  Having an orange for breakfast would have been a huge improvement. Tang sat on the shelves for years before the space program picked it up and made it famous. 

I drank it from Kindergarten through 6th grade every single morning, because my parents told us to. They didn’t read labels either.

Next came Carnation Instant Breakfast when I was in junior high and high school.  By then I was making my own breakfast decisions which usually meant none.  My Mom and older sisters were drinking this stuff to stay slim and trim, having no idea it was having quite the opposite effect.  I started using it thinking it was the grown up thing to do.  After all, it was marketed to be “a healthy alternative to breakfast” and come on, it was chocolate!

Like Tang, Carnation Instant Breakfast was a sugar-based powder to be mixed with water or skim milk.  The crazy part is that once again, you could have easily beaten out whatever nutrients were offered here and avoided all the sugar and chemicals by eating a banana and drinking a glass of milk.  Hell you would have been better off having Fruit Loops….well almost.

Here’s a fun fact about CIBD: “Ingredients on nutrition labels are listed by quantity, from the greatest to the least, by weight. In the Carnation powdered drink mix, sugar is listed second. That simply means that, out of all ingredients, it only includes nonfat milk in greater amounts. Maltodextrin, a corn syrup solid and another form of sugar, is the third ingredient listed.”

So once again,  by only reading the front of the box and not reading the actual label, one would be convinced this easy to mix and out the door “instant breakfast” was somehow better than actual food. 

Tang contained 5 tablespoons of sugar per serving and CIBD contained 6 tablespoons of sugar per serving.  This means we were consuming 85 – 100 empty calories a day by using these “healthy” breakfast drinks.  That translates to 8-10 pounds of weight gained each year from trying to be healthy.  Empty calories are bad enough because they offer no nutritional value.  Artificial toxic & chemical-filled calories are much worse simply because they tax your body rather than support or nurture it.

“The health risks of consuming too much sugar are well known. High levels of sugar consumption can lead to weight gain, tooth decay, and increase the amount of triglycerides in your blood, which can lead to heart disease. These effects can up your risk for diabetes and other chronic and deadly conditions.”

By now most of us know, artificial is not as good as the real thing.  We are becoming somewhat educated thanks to Google and our inquiring minds. We have the power to research ingredients easily and quickly.  We know to read labels and some of us even know how to decipher 17 letter-long words that are cover ups for things we want to avoid like MSG, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial colors and sweeteners known to cause cancer and other health problems.  Many of these ingredients are banned in Europe and other countries but for some reason remain in vast numbers in so many of our regular grocery stores.We have an organization, the FDA, that is supposed to protect us from harmful chemicals in our food supply.  Unfortunately, this organization and many others in our government are compromised by directors who are in the pockets of food, chemical and drug companies. In short, they are not looking out for our best interests. They serve the huge corporations that make all this unbelievably unhealthy crap that the uneducated consumer continues to buy.


In this day and age, it truly is up to us to be the guardians of our health and of those we love.

This seems like a perfect time to bring in the star of my Fit 4 Maui coaching program, Lifeguard Greens.  I created this super food powdered drink mix as an answer to the problem many if us face each morning.  How do I start my day with a nutrient-rich, plant based, 100% organic yet fast & easy breakfast?

Here’s how: Mix Lifeguard Greens in a shaker cup with almond milk, coconut milk, hemp seed milk, organic milk or any ice-cold liquid that contains healthy fats and protein.  You can also add Pure Plant Protein and use plain filtered water.  This is a no-frills, mix in seconds and drink in minutes way to empower every cell in your body.  There are no artificial or harmful ingredients. Only real whole foods in powdered form.  Lifeguard Greens contains wheat and barely grass juice powder not powdered grass, which is a HUGE difference.  Grass is difficult to digest but the juice is not and is full of nutrients. We include other important greens like spirulina, chlorella, and Moringa Leaf. But we didn’t stop there.  Lifeguard Greens also contains an array of fruits, vegetables, enzymes, fiber, and herbs all carefully blended to balance glucose levels, help with digestion, detox your liver, and support for your muscles and joints.  It truly is a super fast food.

Click here and start your mission to empower and nourish, rather than pollute your body.

If the astronauts had this, they would probably already be on Mars.