Whole Healthy Foods

Over eating – undernourished. When we think of undernourished people, most of us think of India or Africa and the starving children living in those countries.

In America, we have our own dangerous and sad epidemic going on. We are continually being offered a toxic food supply that is lacking sufficient nutrition for humans. We are being poisoned daily, because we don’t know any better. Why is good food getting harder to find? Our food comes from all over the planet and there are thousands of chemicals used to make it grow bigger and faster, last longer, stay crispier, and taste better.

We have obese, tired and sick people that are over eating but remain undernourished. As a nation, we are eating more calories than ever before and at the same time, we are starving on a cellular level. The SAD (standard American Diet) consists mostly of packaged processed foods laden with dangerous chemicals that are doing damage on a daily basis. “We are not eating food anymore. We are eating ‘food-like’ products.” As long as your diet consists of dead, packaged foods, you will never be energized or satisfied. Your brain will continue to send the signal…FEED ME until you give your body the real, life-giving foods it needs to thrive.

The Nutrition Challenge – Know Your Enemies

We face quite a few challenges in these modern times if we want to have our bodies operate at full potential. Our strategy at Fit 4 Maui has always been this: Load your body with the good stuff so that eventually, it will crowd out the bad stuff.

What is the good stuff? Fresh organic produce; raw nuts and seeds; good healthy fats & oils (avocado, olive, flax, etc) organic free-range grass-fed meats; hormone-free organic dairy products; and pure clean water.

What is the bad stuff? Sadly enough, just about anything sold in a regular grocery store in the U.S. is not optimal for human consumption. The SAD (Standard American Diet) is failing us as a nation and we are getting fatter, sicker and SADder by the day. The vast majority of foods offered in a typical American market are filled with white flower, white sugar, high fructose corn syrup, harmful trans fats & MSG (which now has over 50 different names in order to hide it from the consumer). MSG could stand for Massive Severe Gluttony. Scientist actually feed mice MSG to quickly fatten them up for studies…and it is in over 80% of the packaged food supply in the U.S.

Phytonutrients – Why We Need Them

Scientist have been able to break down the importance of Phytonutrients, which are the building blocks of nutrition. They are natural chemicals that are found in a variety of plant foods and are necessary for sustaining life. The body needs a wide spectrum of these chemical compounds from fruits and vegetables of all the colors to thrive and survive the many challenges that come with living in a modern, industrial world. The US Department of Agriculture has recently stated the importance of eating at least 3-5 servings of fruits and 3-5 servings of vegetables a day for proper nutrition. That’s 2 cups of fruits and 3 cups of vegetables a day. This is a challenge for most people.

The Right Way to Supplement Your Diet

We encourage you to supplement your nutrition with whole food-based supplements like NanoGreens, which is made from 100% organically grown vegetables, fruits and other super foods. The list of ingredients in NanoGreens alone would fill your entire refrigerator if you were trying to stock all 50 plus items in your home. NanoMeal is a complete super food meal that mixes instantly with ice cold water and will nourish your body on a deep cellular level while containing only 156 calories.
By stocking up on super fast-food nutrition, you are in a better position to avoid toxic fast-foods and convenience foods that could be sabotaging your best efforts at a healthy lifestyle. Let’s face it, if you are starving at work, in an airport, at your child’s soccer game or in your car, you may be forced to eat whatever is around…unless you are armed with something better. The supplement line we offer tastes great, is highly bio-available (usable) by the body and is the most affordable, consistent way to supercharge the body and insure that it is getting enough of the ‘good stuff’.