Welcome to Building a Balanced Life in 2018 using the Circle of Life Coaching Program. 

We will work our way around the circle covering one segment each month. 

For January, our focus is nutrition.

What is nutrition and why is it so important to an existence full of vitality and free of disease? 

In the words of Hippocrates, “Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.  Nature heals; the physician is only nature’s assistant.” 

In our fast-paced and convenience-based society, we’ve made two serious mistakes that are causing a health epidemic :

1. We have gone away from eating food in its natural state and rely instead on packaged, processed, fast and chemical laden ‘food like’ products.

2. We have placed medical doctors in a role they were never meant to be in as our go to “make me healthy” professional.

Did you know the average MD has very little training or knowledge of basic nutrition?  Take a good look at your doctor.  Is he or she in good health? Do they look physically fit? Does their skin look vibrant and clear?  Do they seem in good spirits or do they seem hurried and stressed? You should ask yourselves these questions because it’s important that if you are looking for health care advice from someone that is clearly not healthy themselves, you are probably not going to receive very good care. 

After all, would you trust someone to instruct you in tennis that has really only studied the game from books and watched a lot of matches but has never actually played much themselves?  Or would you hire an instructor with years of personal hands-on practice & competitive experience?  Would your tennis instructor be overweight, on multiple prescription drugs for high blood pressure, hypertension, and anxiety? Or would they be in top playing shape themselves? 

There are a growing number of doctors that have begun to integrate healthy eating into their own lives and into their practice.  They recognize that “integrative” and “preventative” strategies are so much more effective than the model of the past 50 years, which is ‘don’t change your lifestyle choices but rather, take this pill and let me know if you feel better.’  Even in they seem to be in good health, any doctor who is quick to prescribe meds before even mentioning diet, exercise, stress reduction techniques or other ways to get healthy, is NOT someone you should be entrusting your health to.

I am not down on medical doctors. They were never meant to be in this position!  Many family medicine doctors or general practitioners (including dear friends and family of mine) find themselves overworked and stressed with huge loads that give them very little individual time with each patient.  They are overwhelmed and have been given the massive job of caring for people who are in essence, making themselves sick!

There is no doubt that in the US, our MDs are bright and receive years of schooling and training before they begin to practice.  Our surgeons and ER doctors are among the finest in the world today.  The issue is that most medical schools and books are funded by drug companies.  Today’s doctors are expected to know about THOUSANDS of different drugs to treat ailments rather than being guided to learn about the root cause of many modern lifestyle diseases and how to cure or better yet, prevent them. 

Understand that your lifestyle choices dictate a giant part of your overall health! 

Take responsibility for your own health by learning about the right way to care for your body.  Nutrition is a vital part of this strategy.  It’s a fairly easy transformation to make, especially once you truly grasp the importance.  I like to use the gasoline analogy because most people think of and treat their cars with some level of importance.  Without this kind of transportation, many would be out of a job, unable to pick up their kids from school, etc.  No car owner in their right mind would put anything other than the right kind of fuel in their car!  They know it might seize up immediately or would not run well at all.  Our cars also receive regular oil changes and tuneups. We have learned that cars that sit for long periods of time do not fare well either. 

Now, think about your bodies for a moment and how much you rely on them day to day.  Are you fueling up with things that are damaging to your stomach and digestion, adding unnecessary toxic components to your blood stream, or letting sludge build up in your ‘pipes’?  Do you take your body out for regular spins?  Or are you mistreating and killing off your vehicle aka body. We only expect to get 10-15 years out of our cars WITH GOOD CARE! Your body has a whole lifetime to get through!  Planting this seed in your mind and becoming aware that your body is counting on you to make good choices is the first step towards making lasting changes in your daily routine. 

I am going to share with you the basics of nutrition so that it is easy to understand and to make healthful changes in your daily life.  With awareness comes motivation.     Once you understand the importance of putting the right nutrients in and keeping toxic substances out, it is much easier to make better choices for you and your loved ones. 

This pdf entitled SmartEating can be printed out and put on your fridge or other prominent place to remind you about the basics of nutrition but here are some concepts to get familiar with:

  • Educate yourself on the right nutrition for your body

  • Hydrate your body with 8-10 glasses of purified water each day

  • Consume a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and other nutrient rich foods every day – choose organic and non-gmo.  Worth it? Yes.

  • Choose foods with high-quality nutrients – learn to read labels

  • Eat what is closest to nature; water, vegetables, fruits, grains, legumes, raw seeds and nuts

  • An individual’s genetics, deficiencies, metabolism, environment, illness, stress, belief system and culture will determine other, more specific guidelines for nutrition but the rule of thumb is stick as close to the natural source as possible in all foods.

  • Implement a realistic, healthful diet that you can stick to, that works for attaining/maintaining your weight goals.  There are so many varieties of fresh foods out there so find ones that you truly enjoy! Eating should be pleasurable AND make you feel fantastic.  Your body needs variety so step outside your comfort food zone and try some new and healthy foods, fresh juices, and vegan dishes.

  • Use the right high-quality supplements for you but don’t go overboard.  I can’t tell you how many of my clients show up with ziplock baggies full of vitamins they bought at Costco, Walgreens, GNC, etc. Typically these are synthetic, cheap and completely ineffective.  Most of them would be better off taking nothing and instead, using that money to buy organic produce. You want to get your nutrients from real FOOD!  Your body recognizes and uses those types of nutrients so much more efficiently than the synthetic versions made in labs.                                                                         

  • Use a powdered superfood green drink mix that is 100% organic, gluten & GMO free, vegan, palatable and effective.  There’s a reason I took such care in formulating Lifeguard Greens to contain everything the body needs and nothing it doesn’t.  Here’s why it’s  so important to add some type of superfood drink to your daily regimen: it’s an insurance policy that rain or shine, feast or famine, busy or lounging, your body is not going without the vital nutrients it needs to ward off diseases, nourish each cell and thrive.  Remember, the fancier the packaging, the more advertisements you see, the less remains in the budget to use in the actual product.

  • Taking a one a day multi-vitamin formulated for your age that is food-based is also a good idea. There are some very good brands made from whole organic foods that absorb very well.  Our Super Food Store carries several good brands like Vitamin Code and New Chapter. 

  • Lastly, a high quality emulsified omega oil NOT IN PILL FORM.  Fish oil in pills do not absorb!  You can tell this because you will burp it up all day and you are wasting your money. The omega oil I carry in our store is the best I’ve ever found – why?   “The fish oil in Nutragen’s Pure Omega Plus is emulsified which mean that it’s broken down into tiny droplets which make them more absorbable than regular fish oil in pills. Because of this process, it is up to 300% more absorbable than regular fish oil in softgels, and therefore up to 300% more powerful”.  Not only does it taste incredible, you won’t ever burp or smell fish.  It works like nothing else I have tried on my inflammatory disorders like alopecia areata, fibromyalgia, and makes my hair, skin and nails incredibly beautiful! If you are vegetarian or vegan we have omega from algae or flax available in our store as well.  

Remember:1. Awareness 2. Education 3.Committmment 4. Action

Don’t forget to print out the pdf from this post on nutrition basics and please do visit our Superfood Store to see if there are items you might want to add to your overall daily nutrient intake. 

Want something you don’t see in our store?  Email us at contact@fit4maui.com and we’ll order it for you!!

Aloha and Happy New Year!  Alyssa Joy

Ho’omalamalama Pono –  ‘Let us bring light, love and care to every effort, situation and intention in life.’