While we all know it’s a good idea to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, most people fall incredibly short of the recommended 10 portions a day.  Let’s face it, that’s a lot to squeeze in for even the healthiest of eaters.  Enter the green drink…growing quickly as a must have by those in the know of how to build powerful health.  

It is important to realize that these magical powders come in different potency, purities and tastes so it pays to do your homework to find the best value. 

Generally the key points of concern are:

1. Where do the ingredients come from? Are they of the highest quality, potency and purity? 

2. Is there a concentration of the key ingredients that guard your health? 

3. Is it 100% Organic and / or Gluten Free? 

4. How does it taste?  Let’s face it….if you can’t get it down,  you won’t stick with it and you won’t create a healthy daily habit.

5. Is it affordable? You should feel good about spending up to $2 a day for your dose of green drink powder but there are some excellent brands for $1.50 – $1.75. Think of it this way….how much do you spend on your daily Starbucks habit or even your daily Keurig pod? What nutritional value do those provide?  

Adding this scoop to your day is not just a morning ritual you will grow to enjoy and feel good about, it is a powerful part of creating a strong, healthy, vibrant body and mind.  Every cell in your body is in need of key factors to thrive, to detox, and to ward off free radicals.  There is no better way to deliver vital nutrients to the body in quantities that make a difference, than this one simple lifestyle change. 

Healthy habits take time to build. (30 days to be exact) When you are able to get on auto pilot with your morning green drink, the way most people are with their coffee or brushing their teeth, you will be on the right track to super charging your cells with vital nutrients right out of the starting gate each day.  That’s not to say you have to give up coffee!! We wouldn’t want to suggest such a thing for fear of losing our readers right here.  

Add the green drink ritual to your awakening moments in whatever way works for you.  For example, while your coffee is brewing, or before you brush your teeth, grab your Blender Bottle, fill it with a cup of milk, coconut water, OJ or any combination of cold liquid that floats your boat, and then add your scoop of superfood powder.  This whole process should take no more than 1 minute.  Shake, drink and get on with your AM ritual.   If you are taking a quality product, you will notice the difference in your energy within 3 days and in some cases, less.  Occasionally you might have a funky feeling the first few days if you are very toxic.  Many high quality green drinks contain ingredients, like milk thistle and bitter melon, that are designed to help rid the liver of toxins.  If you feel that you are detoxing too quickly, back off to 1/2 a scoop for the first week and increase your dose to a full scoop as symptoms subside. 

Since fresh vegetables, particularly the dark green, leafy type protect against cancer, osteoporosis, and inflammatory diseases and are packed with vitamins and fiber, these should be on your hit list when shopping. Is buying organic produce really necessary? Only if you want your produce to have up to 300% more nutrients and don’t want to risk consuming waxes, harmful chemical residues and poisons.  Once you have enjoyed organic produce, it’s really tough to go back to the bland, dead and inferior taste of commercial fruit and veggies.  

When you are looking at green drinks to commit to, read the ingredient list carefully and if possible look for reviews from it’s consumers.  Look for the same powerful leafy fresh greens that protect your health as well as powdered barely grass juice & wheat grass juice which is much more potent and easier to digest than the powdered grasses themselves.  Also look for the super foods of the sea such as chlorella and spirulina.  New emerging super foods like moringa are packed with natural vitamin power and tumeric lowers inflammation.  

Some of you are already in a healthy smoothie making routine using fresh or frozen fruit, kale, and more in a vitamix or blender, GREAT! Take it up a notch by adding superfood green powder to your blend along with some coconut oil, matcha powder, flax seeds, chia seeds, plain yogurt, kratom powder, macca powder….the list of nutrition boosting super heroes goes on and on.  Get creative, have fun, appeal to your taste buds…..just don’t forget your #1 most important supplement….a high potency, pure quality, 100% organic green drink powder.  

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