Have you been on the roller coaster of high points and low points of health? You know what is like to be at your ideal weight, have endless energy all day long, with a clear head and clear thoughts and aspirations. You have also watched your health spiral out of control and hit rock bottom. There is nothing worse than going through a day with little to no energy, no motivation, cloudy thoughts and zero inspiration. 

Through many trials and with the aid of some great healers and educators I finally figured out that the root of all health related issues, whether it be energy levels, weight issues, skin problems, viruses, diseases, whatever… all boiled down to one simple cause and solution = FOOD. 

Unfortunately food does not contain the same nutrition that it did 50 years ago. We are also now exposed to more than 400 toxins in our food supply that were not around when our grandparents were young. Much of what is in our grocery stores now days is more poisonous to our bodies than nutritious. Once you learn the basics of how the body converts food into energy, and what it does with the stuff that it can’t use, it becomes clear why we can easily pack on unwanted weight, and feel sluggish, or drained of energy.

Like most choices we make in life, there are two paths regarding your health. The path of being overweight and drained of energy could eventually lead us to the destination of the 7 out of 10 Americans who will die of heart disease or cancer. The other path starts with a balanced diet with proper nutrition. One living mostly off of foods that are good for your body and saving the pollution for special occasions. This path leads to a life full of energy and vitality and is very fulfilling.

Getting healthy is not a free ride but it is so much easier than you might be led to believe. Once you have the right tools and information, simple changes or “shifts” in your daily routine can yield huge rewards. Maintaining good health is a daily challenge and a commitment to a way of life.