Whether I am at the beach or traveling for work or play, I am often approached and asked what I do to look so fit and healthy.  I’m 48 years old and often get pegged for 25-35.  When I tell them my age and that I’m healthy simply as a result of my lifestyle, they want to know more.  After all, everyone wants to look and feel better.

Walking on the beach at sunset is one of my favorite ways to refill my spiritual piggy bank.

My business for the past 10 years, Fit 4 Maui, is an online superfood store and lifestyle coaching business based in Maui.  I am fortunate to have clients in all 50 states that use my superfood store as their trusted source of whole-food based, pure and potent supplements, including my very own greens formulation, Lifeguard Greens. I travel to see some clients for one-on-one intensive coaching, while others are coached by phone and some live here on Maui.  I include stand-up paddle fitness training and massage therapy as part of my Maui program.  It is a dynamic and ever-changing career that I absolutely love. To learn more about my journey into this profession and struggles with my own health, you can read about Alyssa on my site. 

I encourage gradual, healthy shifts in daily behavior that work for you and are by and large, by your design.  I insist my health-coaching clients are part of the process when it comes to their health plan.  It simply won’t work unless it’s a plan created with their personal goals and boundaries factored in.  I encourage them to begin with an open mind and to learn for themselves, with my guidance, about the best ways to create a vibrant, healthy lifestyle.  We explore their likes, dislikes, physical abilities, emotional health, fears, preconceived ideas, family situations, work schedules, hobbies and desired activities. I’ve found that the more they are involved in the process, the more likely it is to become a permanent part of their lives.

There are a lot of fitness trainers, nutritionists, natural doctors, medical doctors and life coaches out there that would like you to think it’s very, very complicated and that you need to enlist their services at so much per hour for so many days, weeks, months and years to achieve your goals. I get it – everyone needs to make money and that is their prerogative to use this business model to do so.  My goal is to empower and educate my clients (in a relatively short amount of time) to create and maintain a lifestyle change that they can continue to practice for a lifetime.  They can schedule tune-ups or check in with me, but my ongoing presence in their lives should not be a necessity.  I want them to thrive all on their own.  That is a sign that I have succeeded as their coach.  

I’ve always had a different approach when it comes to coaching.  I choose to give out my Core 4 guidelines without a fee.   I feel I have a personal and ethical responsibility to help those who cannot afford to pay for this information.  I make money from my online superfood store, from stand up paddle fitness coaching, and from my one-on-one clients who want more intensive support and guidance to achieve their goals. The truth is, it should be simple…and it is. 

The reason so many diet and exercise plans fail is that they are too complicated for the average human to follow for very long.  It gets overwhelming and confusing for people to participate in them for any length of time. Ultimately, it’s not sustainable or practical and they give up and go back to what they were doing…feeling hopeless and frustrated. Walk away from anyone who wants you to enlist in complicated rituals, expensive fees, intense exercise regimes, calorie or carb counting, or anything that deviates from your core values as a person.  Again, if it doesn’t resonate with you, it won’t become a lasting part of your health plan and you are wasting your time and hard-earned cash.  That being said, if you are the kind of person that needs to pay a personal trainer to motivate you to work out and you are happy with the results, this is not a waste of your money because the overall result is that it brings you happiness and satisfaction.The key is to honestly evaluate who you are and what support you need to reach your goals. 

The other thing I often see is a failure to address all components of a health lifestyle. I became certified in the Circle of Life Coaching practice because I agree with their philosophy that a well-balanced and healthy life is made up of 12 different aspects of the human experience.   Giving attention to all 12 and identifying strengths and weaknesses, helps my clients create an overall health plan that addresses their unique life experience and current situation. 

Circle of Life Assessment Chart

In addition to evaluating and balancing the 12 components in the Circle of Life,  Fit 4 Maui coaching focuses on 4 basic rules to live by.  Making these changes in your diet and in your overall lifestyle will yield amazing & lasting results. It’s easy to put them into practice and so effective, you can share these Core 4 Steps with anyone and everyone you care about.  I offer this information FREELY because I believe that everyone deserves optimal health and you shouldn’t have to pay someone to learn about these basic health-promoting ideas.

I’m here to share my passion for optimal health and clean living with everyone who wants and needs help so please read, share and thrive! 

Please get this one point through your head once and for all:


Changing your regular daily food intake to one that is primarily plant-based, preferably vegan, nutrient-dense and clean is the single most important thing you can do to achieve optimal lasting health. 

There are so many options out there now for healthy vegan fun-to-eat foods in addition to the multitude of fruits, vegetables, roots, nuts, grains and seeds at your disposal.

This is a lifelong commitment with the rewards being a disease-free, vibrant, happy and productive life. You’ll also have the knowledge and enthusiasm to help those you love achieve the same level of radiant health. We teach you, you teach them and so on.  Pay it forward and pass it on.  Everyone deserves to have perfect health but our mass-produced toxic food supply, over-use of prescription drugs and lack of education is causing a disease epidemic of massive proportions.

Stay away from doctors treating symptoms with drugs full of side-effects, rather than the whole body.I’ll tell you a little secret…doctors have very little education about the power of foods to harm or heal.  Their schools are funded largely by pharmaceutical companies and that is a large part of their education – which drugs to give when. Seek out doctors who have an integrative approach, who are open to treating holistically when possible, who have conversations about your diet and who are hesitant to write a script for every little thing.  Take action to change your health for the better, and then help others with what you have learned. 

At the center of Fit 4 Maui’s approach to health is self-care.  We live in a busy and demanding world. If you don’t put yourself first, and keep your physical machine (otherwise known as your body) strong, clean and healthy, it will break down and you won’t be able to help those who you are wanting to care for.  Nearly 40% of Americans will get cancer.  That is a mind-blowing statistic.  Take steps now to prevent this and all other modern lifestyle diseases from claiming your life or the life of a loved one. 

The first step is to shift your thinking and your priorities until your health is numero uno!  All the money in the world won’t save you if you get seriously ill so remember, work is great and work is necessary but you will not continue to work and provide for others if you are sick with a serious disease.  You will actually become a burden and a stress on your family which is very far away from most people’s intentions.  Disease is the result of unconscious eating and living…or creating by default rather than intention.

Unfortunately too many humans take better care of their cars than their bodies. Why? They look at it as an essential, critical part of their lives. They depend on it to get them from A to B and because they believe in that importance, most make it a top priority. The moment you start thinking of your human machine in those same terms and value it above all else, it will be easier to make these healthy changes.   

“Change what you eat. Change what you do.

Change how you feel. Achieve a balanced and happy life!”

So here it is… Fit 4 Maui’s 4 Core Components to live a vibrant, healthy and disease-free life.  I share it freely and hope that you will ride the wave of health it offers.

Photo by Hokuloa Pezel – kazushots808 on Instagram

1. Start each day with our Core 4 Superfood Smoothie. 

Why? Smoothies, when made correctly with the right ingredients, are the single most effective way to get the most nutrients into your body, supplying hours of energy and support, without weighing you or your digestive system down.  It’s super food for super humans on the go. It is the #1 most important part of our program.  Even if you stopped here and skipped 2,3 and 4, your health and energy will improve dramatically…but we hope you keep going!

Core 4 Smoothie Boosters: Lifeguard Greens, Pure Plant Protein, Pure Omega Plus & Pure Digestion Plus

To learn more,  please visit our blog posts on smoothie making or email us at contact@fit4maui.com

2. Move your body daily for at least 30 minutes in an activity you find JOY in. 

Say goodbye forever to dreading your workouts. Don’t even call them workouts but rather your “me” time with your body,  Listen to what it’s telling you.  It will vary from day to day. If you tune in you will hear it asking you to stretch it, to massage it, to soak it, to run it silly, to swim it gently, to dance it, to surf it, to sweat it…just listen and then choose what feels right that day.  There’s no pressure.  It’s just 30-60 minutes of focused energy on your physical apparatus. Your physical activity can be gentle or vigorous but it needs to happen daily for optimal health. 

SUP Surfing is an intensive physical activity I truly enjoy!

Your attitude towards your exercise activity is just as important as the activity itself.  Ideally, you will find things that connect your body WITH your soul. For some it’s a walk in the park with your dog, for others it’s a swim in the pool with your kids, for others it’s a slow stretch yoga & meditation class.  How do you find your happy ‘pace’?  Practice variety.  Experiment with new ways to stretch, pump your heart, feed your soul AND use your muscles.  Stop doing exercise you don’t love.  There are so many ways to move your body!  Just pick one that makes you smile and feel alive. Incorporate music, nature, water, wind, other people, whatever it is that will turn it from monotony to a monopoly of powerful, health-promoting movement.

3. Eat real food, mostly plants. Stay away from processed, chemical laden, drive-through, convenience store, dead, toxic food.

Make sure 80% of your diet is plant-based, preferably organic or home grown but always fresh, not boxed, shrink wrapped, canned or cartoned. Remember, “If it’s sitting on a shelf, it’s not good for my health.”   You know what IS convenient and fast and healthy? Grabbing an organic apple or banana, or a handful or raw organic cashews & raisins, or a bowl of black beans and brown rice or shaking up Pure Plant Protein with coconut milk and Lifeguard Greens!

For some reason, many people have completely detached themselves from their connection to real food.  They don’t grow it, shop for it, prepare it, express gratitude for it, or even remember eating it half the time!  Try to rekindle your passion for the never-ending and beautiful variety of fresh fruits and vegetables, whole unprocessed grains, raw nuts and seeds, almond, hemp and coconut milks.  The possibilities of what you can prepare and eat from plant-based foods is staggering.  If you need help, get a plant-based cookbook that speaks to your needs (fast n healthy, food for athletes, vegan cooking, raw food dishes, kids)

4. Practice Aloha! 

What does that mean?  Aloha is a state of being as well as a way of living.  When you are full of Aloha, you are full of Love, patience, kindness, generosity, not only to those you know and love, but to all living beings.  Treat the planet like the queen she is.  Help her survive by being aware of things you can do to help the environment.  Shop responsibly and support products that are not harming Mother Earth, her creatures and her waters.  Be grateful, every day.  Find something or someone to be thankful for and acknowledge that in your own way.  Practice random acts of kindness. Give your time, your money, your knowledge to those in need.  As you start to reap the rewards of this behavior, you will feel the good growing inside of you, the white light pushing out negativity and the right people, situations and abundance flowing into your life to support your journey to optimal health.

Ho’omalamalama Pono ‘Let us bring light, love and care to every effort, situation and intention in life.’

Thank you for reading.  We value you as a customer and as a fellow human.  We hope to continue to help you reach your wellness goals. 

Remember, you can schedule a free call with Alyssa anytime for guidance about your goals or questions about our products.

Visit our website and fill out the online form or by email Alyssa directly @ alyssa@fit4maui.com