We are all capable of educating and empowering ourselves to make informed personal choices about how to best serve, protect and heal our own miracle of a body.

“Finding real and lasting health used to be such a mystery to me. Now it all seems so simple. I’ve found if you feed your body real nutrition, invest in whole food high quality supplements, cleanse periodically and keep your system alkalized, perfect health is easily attainable”

Alyssa Joy


I am Alyssa Joy and I am the owner of Fit 4 Maui, a wellness coaching business based in Maui, Hawaii. I am passionate about helping others achieve a state of optimal health because I know from personal experience what a struggle it can be without the knowledge and tools to effect real change.

I received my certificate as a health and fitness instructor from the American College of Sports Medicine in 1993. In 1996 I became a licensed massage therapist and continue to practice massage in Maui. I have also added certifications in stand up paddle instruction and wellness coaching to round out my holistic and fitness knowledge. My goal as a wellness coach is to encourage all my clients to become more educated about achieving their maximum health potential. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist.

I draw on my personal knowledge gained from a long journey of trial and error trying to overcome many health challenges.

Packaged Foods & Antibiotics

I grew up near the mountains of Lake Tahoe, and led an extremely active outdoor life as a child. Skiing, sailing, biking, hiking, horseback riding, running track and practicing gymnastics were a few of my favorite childhood activities.

Like many American children in the 70s, I grew up eating plenty of packaged, processed and “fast” food. Once in my teens, I began to have many problems with my health. My father was a Stanford educated M.D. and at that time antibiotics were given freely for any sort of sniffle and cough.

This led to major problems with my G.I. tract and food sensitivities became a huge issue. I was always extremely constipated (1 bowel movement a week!) I developed huge cystic boils on my legs which were usually lanced open. I was constantly sick with strep throat and bronchitis. I developed alopecia areata at age 12 and was missing huge spots of hair from scalp.

My junior year of high school I suffered from an arthritic-type illness that baffled doctors. Symptoms included swollen and painful joints and extreme fatigue. I had to cease almost all physical activity and missed 3 months of school. I was tested for everything, including Lyme disease, but no one in the medical field could figure out exactly what was wrong. My condition eventually subsided with massive amounts of anti-inflammatory drugs & steroids, but the underlying cause was never discovered.

Learning About Natural Medicine

At 16, I decided to become vegetarian and started reading everything I could about the natural food movement, herbal medicine and holistic practices. I started getting some answers as to why I had been so sick most of my childhood. Naturpathic Doctors and other holistic practitioners began to teach me for the first time how the body REALLY works. Once I understood that my body, and everyone’s body, for that matter, functions at its best when we are in a slightly alkaline state, it became much easier for me to stay healthy.

As a child, my body was responding to all of the chemicals in my food as well as antibiotics and other “cures” the doctors were prescribing to suppress my “symptoms”. Add to that my highly acidic, yet typical American diet and it is so easy to understand why my body did not have a chance to heal. I was literally polluted from the inside out!

By the time I was 19, my health had improved a great deal. I was living on mostly fruits and vegetables. I had lost the 15 extra pounds I had gained during my high school illness and was again able to enjoy all of the physical activities I had given up. I moved to the Virgin Islands in 1988 and spent a year there as a Padi Dive Master.

Cleansing – The Missing Link

In 1989, I moved to Maui and began modeling for swimwear, fitness and sportswear companies. Because I had never done any sort of real cleanse, I continued to have G.I. issues ie: acne, headaches, constipation and food allergies that would also manifest into sinus, throat and severe lung infections such as bronchitis and several cases of pneumonia.I continued to seek out holistic practitioners in Maui and abroad and was finally able to gain control of my health. A visit to a cleansing spa in Thailand was a life altering experience. I was taught about the necessity of colon cleansing and to be ultra conscious about the food and water I chose to put into my body. In my instructors words, “We put more care and thought as to what kind of oil should go in our car or what food we give to our pets than we do about what to feed our own bodies.”

The Road To Lasting Wellness

Today, I have completely transformed my health through extensive interactions with holistic medicine both as a practitioner and as a patient. I am also very aware about the power of foods to heal or harm us. I use many of the potent food-based supplements I carry in my store every day. I am now in my late 40s and am stronger, more vibrant, younger looking and more energetic than I was in my 20’s. I owe my life to all of those Angels in the holistic health community. They are the ones who continue to inspire me to share information with those who seek true and lasting health. Help is everywhere so don’t accept any diagnosis or state of poor health as your reality. Learn, change and thrive.